The Spiritual Aspect Of Eating Right: The Devil Hidden In Ingredients…

Is there right and wrong eating? In my opinion, yes there is. How do I know? Through my own trial and error within my own experience eating this and that. Yet, I can’t remember exactly why or how I stumbled upon eating plant based whole food in the first place.

How I eat is not vegan or vegetarian. You would be wrong in calling me either. They eat processed and refined food. I eat very little of it. You could nitpick and say I do if I drink Japanese green tea and rice milk, but what’s the point? 80-90% plant based whole food is enough.

I am not in a contest or into perfectionism. You won’t find any ‘ism’s’ here. It’s what one does most of the time that counts. For example, if one frequently thinks negative thoughts, he will likely reap bad situations and circumstances.

‘Does eating plant based whole food make us into more loving creatures?

I know I don’t want to harm animals. This is one reason I don’t eat meat anymore. In the beginning going ‘meatless’ was to better my health. I feel not eating meat made me more compassionate and kinder in general.

This is very possible. In my opinion food we eat is a powerful force in healing or bringing on ailments, conditions and disease. Eating healthy food goes hand in hand with a healthy mind and emotions.

Plant based whole food is a lifestyle choice just like becoming vegan or vegetarian. Yet, I feel only 1% of the world population eats this way (I could be a few points off, but you get the idea.)

‘I never heard of any tyrant, dictator and criminal in history who ate only plant based whole food. Have you’?

Did nature intend us eating certain food? You don’t have to teach great apes what to eat and tell them twice to eat their bananas.

Birds eat seeds and insects. Lions eat meat. But, apparently we are the ‘slow learners’ in the animal kingdom. Hospitals and emergency rooms are full of ‘us’.

It seems when one runs out of options with his doctor and there is no cure, the patient begins his search for his new ‘magic pill’ elsewhere.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.