The truth about whole grains: How healthy are they?

This site is about how to lose weight. When you lose weight eating whole food first, you receive an unexpected benefit: improved health. I lost nearly fifty pounds eating plant based food.

I share what I eat and why I eat that way throughout this site. Above all else, and probably the most important thing to remember besides not using processed oil, is the reasons why I stopped eating refined grain products like crackers and cookies, etc.

I have found they make me gain weight. Why? It’s because refined carb foods (which usually don’t have much fiber) are digested quickly in the small intestine. You gain weight because the sugar gets turned into fat in your body. Refined grains act just like sugar.

Personally, I limit whole grains to brown rice. The potato is my tuber of choice. The potato is a nightshade, so I make sure I especially don’t buy green potatoes. Buy organic potatoes because they are sprayed with pesticide. I make certain I cook all three of these long enough to reduce potentially harmful effects of lectin.

I also eat pinto beans (a legume) which are rich in protein and fiber. I rinse the beans well as I do my rice (rice has arsenic, so I stopped eating it.) I eat beans and potatoes because they satisfy my appetite and make me feel full. These have resistant starch which slowly digests in the large intestine and there are no steep spikes in blood sugar.

I avoid refined Wheat like crackers and bread because of gluten. Sometimes, I get tricked and wheat or some other flour slips by, so you have to be sure to read all the labels carefully. If you only eat plant based whole food, you don’t have to worry about reading labels to find what’s hidden in your food.

List of whole grains…

•  Barley

•  Bulgar

•  Couscous

•  Kamut

•  Malt

•  Oats

•  Spelt

•  Teff

•  Rye

•  Wheat

•  Buckwheat

•  Corn

•  Hominy

•  Millet

•  Quinoa

•  Brown Rice

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.