Tip For Curbing Our Craving For Sweets: Eating More Of This, And Less Of That…

I have learned how to tame my old sweet tooth. I used to eat chocolate like anyone else and sugary cereal with milk late at night. But, I stumbled upon something that took away my cravings for sweets. And, fortunately it’s part of my everyday diet.

Sometimes, I find myself shaky because I forget to eat. I seem to keep busy with my mind and body. My quick solution to recharge my sugar supply is either eat a handful of grapes or sliced pineapple. Both are sweet and seem to go into the bloodstream quickly. They revive me almost instantaneously.

“Potatoes and beans have what’s called ‘resistant starch’. This provides longer lasting energy”

When I started eating beans and potatoes I noticed I didn’t crave things like sugar and chips as much. But, we have been eating wrong foods for most our lives. So, it’s not easy to make eating differently into a lifelong habit.

‘I stopped eating rice because it has arsenic. Doesn’t matter where it is grown, all rice has it. It’s just that some has more or less arsenic’

My wife is the one who craves sweets and fats while I tend to like the salty snacks and junk foods. It does take willpower to say no and more times than not, one cannot. This is true for special occasions like birthdays or when you make the fatal mistake of grocery shopping hungry. I don’t think it hurts being derailed from your usual diet as long as it doesn’t keep you on the wrong tract for long.

‘Try to eat plant based whole food 80-90% of the time and you will be doing better than the many’

Thanksgiving is coming up and if you are going to eat that way, you simply cannot avoid eating food which you know you shouldn’t. Who doesn’t like pumpkin pie with whipped cream and turkey? Some things just become part of who you are and never leave your side.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.