Two constipation remedies: Have you eaten your daily fruit and veggies?

There are only two healthy constipation remedies I am aware of that work. The only natural solution is eating fruit and vegetables. Two fiber filled whole foods. That’s it. All it requires, is a change in diet over to plant based whole food. If you want to stay regular, that’s basically all you need to do unless you have health issues. If so, contact your doctor.

But, if you fall off the wagon and start eating the way you used to, the same old problems will return. The standard American diet is well known for lacking enough fiber. Pizza, pasta, bread, hamburgers, fries, ice cream, junk and snack food, anyone? These will tend to constipate you.

Your body needs fiber, as it’s an essential nutrient. It isn’t present in animal products, not in foods like French fries.

You don’t want to go on for days or weeks not having bowel movement with waste products putrefying within you. That is not healthy for the colon. You won’t feel good, you will feel sluggish, it causes weight gain and bloating. Make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle and watch constipation disappear!

If you are eating right and getting enough fiber from the whole foods you eat, you shouldn’t have any more problems.

When you switch over to fruits and vegetables as your diet, you might go an average of two, three, even four times each day. You won’t need suppositories, psyllium powder or a fad dangerous quick fix that could potentially damage your intestinal tract.

There is only a natural cure for health and well being. It’s a whole food plant based diet. It’s the way we were meant to eat. We have a history eating this way for thousands of years. If you learn what to eat for health and weight loss you will likely live a longer healthy life.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.