Unhealthy Foods

You might be wondering what unhealthy foods are? But, I think you already have a good idea. And, when you find out which other foods are bad, you might think to yourself ‘there’s nothing left to eat’!

This is partially true, but what it means is that to become healthier, live longer and lose weight, you have to start eating different food. It will take some willpower. And, you will backslide if those around you don’t support your new way of eating.

Furthermore, habits that have been in place an entire lifetime are hard to change. Diet is often part of the particular culture and society we all live in. Look at how most of us Americans eat. There isn’t a meal animal products aren’t the main ingredient.

If you are worried about your weight and health, it’s time to make hard decisions. But, it isn’t that hard. A whole food plant based diet tastes good and fills you up. You will likely lose weight, become healthier and live a lot longer. What can be so wrong about that?

Preservatives and Additives

You are probably well aware that preservatives and other additives aren’t particularly healthy, and you would be right in believing this. But, how do you get around it? Fortunately, there is a work around. But, unfortunately, you might not like the truth.

If you think you need to lose weight and get healthier, there is no work around. We need to eat differently. And, it means processed and refined food need to be scaled way back or better yet, eliminated entirely.

This is because the manufacturers add too much salt, sugar and oils to make the food taste better. For example, anything made from grain needs flavor to taste good. It’s tasteless by itself. Look at the ingredients and you will find salt, sugar and added oil including other ingredients like preservatives and those you can’t pronounce.

Furthermore, there’s something about grain ground finely into a flour or powder that can make you gain weight if you are not careful. Additionally, wheat gluten is addictive and may cause leaky gut syndrome.

What are the Healthiest Foods?

The healthiest foods have the most nutrient content (this leaves out most grains and meat.) Plant based food like fruits and vegetables is the healthiest choice. Uncooked is better, but most of us don’t want a completely raw food diet. But, we can eat green salads including Kale, which is at the top of the nutrition list.

Fruits are nutritious, but don’t provide everything. We need vegetables for which nutrients fruits do not provide. And, high nutrition food is not as expensive as you might think (I eat at home and don’t miss eating out.)

Sweet Potatoes and Yams are better than white potatoes. For protein eat Lentils and Beans. Also, Better than white, brown Rice is a good choice to fill you up and provide fiber. I eat pinto beans and brown rice I make myself (that I freeze in bags) nearly every single day.