Vegan vs Vegetarian

Is there a war going on? Vegan vs Vegetarian? Furthermore, which one makes you lose more weight and makes you healthier? As far as I’m concerned, being either is better than the health the Standard American Diet has brought us.

Whether you are Vegan or Vegetarian, you are eating primarily fruits and vegetables. And, if you eat them whole and unprocessed, cooked and uncooked, without all the added oil, sugar and salt, you will most likely lose weight, improve your health and live longer.

For some Vegans, it becomes a Moral Issue

Although, Vegan is very strict, it is up to you how far you take it. There are no animal products used or consumed as a Vegan. No leather belts or shoes. It’s no Wool, no Silk, no Down comforter; nothing used that is animal.

Being Vegan or Vegetarian is healthier than being a meat eater. Just because meat tastes good, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your health…

For Vegans, using animal products can become a moral issue and taboo. One important reason for not using animal products is that animals raised for meat and dairy all too often live under inhumane and cruel conditions.

You might even become an animal activist or fight for animal rights being Vegan. Of course, there’s also harm done to our environment through greenhouse gas emissions. The impact of deforestation causes loss of habitat for millions of species and contributes to climate change.

If all the land used for cattle grazing and growing grain for livestock was used to grow human food instead, hunger in the world would be a thing of the past

A Vegetarian May use Animal Products

Although, a Vegetarian may not eat meat, fish or poultry; he may consume dairy and/or eggs. It has been proven that a whole food plant based diet is the healthiest diet of all. If you reduce or eliminate eating meat, you reduce your chances of contracting many diseases, ailments, conditions and some types of Cancers. All the nutrients you need are in whole fruits and vegetables.

I do use animal products occasionally. For example, if I am at a Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey is already made. But, I don’t eat a lot. Being Vegetarian is something I do for my health…

Some Vegans and Vegetarians may not be as Healthy as some Meat Eaters

To conclude, you will notice there are Vegans and Vegetarians who don’t seem like they are very healthy. That’s because they eat processed foods and snacks. For example, a soft drink, a bag of potato chips and a doughnut qualifies as Vegan or Vegetarian food.

Cooking with oil and drizzling olive oil on your salad are also considered healthy. The plain truth is that they are not good for you no matter who says so or how often they say it. Oil is not healthy at all no matter what type of oil it is.

Even, if one frequents a Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurant, the food is usually cooked in oil, with added salt and sugar to make it taste good. What kind of oil, sugar and salt cuisine do you prefer? Is it your favorite Italian, Asian, French or Mexican restaurant?

We can make our food taste great with a little spice, salt and sugar, just don’t over do it. The only way to know for sure what’s in your food is to prepare it yourself. Anyway, when you eat your own Vegan or Vegetarian food for a while, your taste buds will begin to change craving your favorite plant based whole foods. I look forward to my nightly baked potato, beans and salad. You too will also have your favorites.