Vegetarian Diet Plan

Everyone thinks I’m Weird eating like this! They think the vegetarian diet plan doesn’t have enough protein! They say I need meat and dairy! I just can’t seem to convince them eating this way is good for my health! What do I do? How do I defend myself from all those Naysayers?

Don’t even try. There are too many staying with the Standard American Diet. It’s how most of us were brought up in this culture. There is no way you are going to convince some people, even if they do know how they eat is making them sick and diseased. They are never going to give up their pizza, steak, cooking oil, snack food and alcohol. No way. The media bombards us with advertising convincing us everything is OK the way it is.

Where those who don’t eat healthy usually end up

I know it may sound silly or too simple, but in my opinion, the hospitals are filled with those who don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. The best defense against vegetarian negativity or ignorance is by setting a good example.

For example, when you lose weight, your blood pressure goes down, you get off all medications and your ailments and conditions completely disappear, others will want to know how you did it. Then, you can tell them.

But, don’t be surprised when they have seen all the evidence a vegetarian diet brings miracles, that they still have all kinds of objections and excuses. This is because all the wrong foods are addicting. You will be talking to their addiction instead of the potentially healthy person they could actually become if they changed just a few eating habits.

It can be challenging living with people who don’t support your way of eating. I takes more than willpower. Stick with being a vegetarian and you will likely lose a lot of weight, feel a whole lot better, get healthier and live much longer.

Don’t Preach, it doesn’t work

Don’t preach or be defensive, because that never works. I know, I’ve tried it and I have to catch myself around my own house. It pushes people away. Live by example, and maybe you will save another life besides your own when they eventually adopt a whole food plant based diet or at least eat a little bit healthier because of you.

A vegetarian diet plan will make you lose weight while your health will likely improve by leaps and bounds. And, maybe eventually you will attract like minded people or transform some of those close who will join and support you in your healthy lifestyle.