Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet will likely make you lose all the weight you ever wanted off your body. Yet, most vegetarians don’t eat as healthy as they could because they don’t know which foods to avoid.

For example, if you dine at a vegetarian restaurant, the food is likely loaded with fat, salt and sugar, so it tastes even better. You don’t want this for best health, weight loss and longer life. It defeats the purpose of eating healthy plant based whole food.

Yes, you can spice up your food a little, but definitely forget cooking your food with oils. And, I mean, any oil, such as Olive Oil. Oils are not healthy, even though they say so. Cook with a little broth or water.

And, you can salt and pepper your food and add spice, but try not to over do it. If the food doesn’t taste good, guess what? You probably won’t eat it. So, make it taste good.

What I ate that made me lose 40 pounds over 1 year

I know I didn’t say it took me a year, but it did, at about five pounds a month. Sorry, this is not a lose weight fast diet. It is a diet where you lose weight healthily and get healthier in the process. Check it out…

  • I eat fruit in the morning with hash browns
  • I eat two large green salads a day with apple cider vinegar with some garlic salt
  • I eat baked potatoes (usually at night)
  • I eat beans and brown rice (lunch or dinner)
  • I use salsa
  • I eat fruit throughout the day and at night
  • I drink filtered water
  • We need to eat something of substance that will stick to your ribs like beans, rice and potatoes. I can’t just eat fruit and vegetables and feel full and fulfilled. Forget eating bread or tortillas, as they spike your blood sugar too much leading to being hungry again, too soon, and weight gain

Shopping guidelines

  • Buy organic produce if they have it
  • Eat as much as you want during the day and night
  • Avoid all processed food (bag, bottle, box or can)

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.