Vegetarian Meals

Why shouldn’t I eat animal products (such as meat, dairy and eggs) instead of vegetarian meals? They are all animal protein causing injury to the lining of the arteries. It also has way too much protein. Furthermore, we don’t need animal protein. It also has cholesterol, which is bad for us. We don’t want future heart attacks or strokes, do we?

Raw Food

Should I eat all raw food? Not necessarily. I would mix it up half and half. I don’t think anyone can stick with a completely raw food diet. Although, cooked food has toxicity, heat in addition destroys some nutrients. Yet, at the same time, cooking brings more of some nutrients out.

Personally, I eat fruits and vegetables which are mostly uncooked. This means, I primarily eat salads and fruit. I also eat potatoes, beans and brown rice to make me feel full and satisfied. I eat steamed Broccoli often, mainly chopped up small and mixed in with my baked potato…

Plant Based Nutrition

How do I get all my nutrients? Carbs, fats and proteins are macronutrients. You also need micronutrients. You get these in fruits and vegetables. You can eat fruit for your carbs and vitamins and minerals, but eat Vegetables for those nutrients lacking in fruit.

Fruits and vegetables have everything you need, including protein, fat and carbs in precisely the right amounts as nature intended. It has been proven that too much protein (animal) can cause diseases like cancer.

Simple arbs in fruits are easier to assimilate than the complex carbs found in potatoes and beans, etc.

Juicing and Smoothies

Do I need to make green juice and fruit smoothies? No. Your teeth are made to chew up food. There is no benefit from juicing fruits and vegetables and throwing out the fiber. Same goes for smoothies.

You don’t want too much sugar going into your bloodstream at once because the plant fibers have been broken down. I juiced and drank smoothies for many years never feeling quite right. I receive much more health benefits from simply chewing plant based whole food. I donated my juicer to charity.