Vegetarian Recipes that will knock grandma’s socks off!

I have my favorite vegetarian recipes a you will. For example, I love baked potatoes and beans! To stick with a whole food diet, you have to love what you are eating. Eating whole food will help you lose weight because it’s real food with fiber.

Most junk and snack food is nutrient poor empty calorie food. Fiber is essential for optimum health. This is only within plant based whole food, not in any animal products.

The ingredients matter for health and weight loss. If you cook your food with any oils, and I mean any, you are headed for trouble.

Have you noticed that many vegetarians look unhealthy? Well, there’s a good reason they do. Not everything vegetarian is healthy to eat. For example, soft drinks are vegetarian.

Who have you seen hold a giant soft drink in their hand? It’s someone who is grossly overweight. French fries are vegetarian, too. Are you getting the picture? Snack foods are vegetarian. But, they are processed. They are loaded with what makes them taste good.

Again, it’s the fat, salt, and sugar who are the culprits. Processed foods are not real food and are assimilated into the body too fast, which causes weight gain. When you grind grains up into a powder like flour, it increases the surface area, and your blood sugar spikes and you gain weight. There are also things like preservatives and other added ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Therefore, if it comes in a bag, box or can, assume it’s processed and donate it to charity or throw it away. Get it out of your house and you won’t eat it when you get those cravings for sweets, salt and fat.

My Home Recipes are very Simple and Easy to prepare…

  • I make my own organic pinto beans or vegetarian chili in a crockpot. I add a variety of spices (cumin, paprika, garlic, black pepper, chili pepper, parsley, and a pinch of basil) cooking it all night on low. The last few hours the next day, I add an onion and tomatoes. It comes out nicely spiced with it’s own thick sauce similar to chili and beans. I ladle it in Tupperware bowls freezing it
  • You can steam vegetables you like, like broccoli for dinner
  • I make organic brown rice boiling it for about 45 minutes. I put it in small zip-lock bags in the freezer. I don’t eat things like pasta, bread, or other grain products. I only eat potatoes and brown rice
  • I don’t microwave organic potatoes. I bake them in the oven
  • I eat two green salads a day with organic romaine, kale or butter lettuce and sprinkle a few seeds on like organic pumpkin, sunflower or sesame
  • I eat fruits like banana, mango, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and cantaloupe in the mornings and throughout each day and evening
  • I stopped eating pineapple because I felt it harmed my teeth (too acidic!)
  • I don’t eat dried fruit. It sticks to the teeth causing cavities
  • I don’t eat refined flour products. It sticks to the teeth acting just like sugar
  • I don’t eat hash browns in the morning because they lack the skin. I eat sliced fried potatoes with the skin on (make sure you add no oil)
  • I don’t cook with oil, use it on my salads or use butter and margarine
  • This simple diet keeps my weight down keeping me healthy. I use salt and pepper to taste. I look forward to my meals and know it’s my food. My body gives me a resounding ‘thanks!’
  • This diet is very low in calories, so you might get cravings for the wrong food. You must train yourself to eat more fruit, potatoes, rice, lentils and beans. You can eat all you want. You will feel full and satisfied and not gain a pound while not increasing an inch on your waistline!