Vegetarian restaurants: Why they are not healthy

I could be wrong, but don’t think there’s enough demand for a vegetarian restaurant anywhere in the states for it to stay in business. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry too much about finding one.

Most establishments have decent ‘salad bars’ these days. That’s enough to help you stay healthy and fill you up. They are generally ‘all you can eat’. This will usually be all the vegetarian cuisine you’ll find, in ‘every town’, USA.

But, if they do happen to have ‘vegetarian cuisine’ on the menu, most restaurants will add too much salt, sugar and oil to your vegetarian dish. Why do they do this? It makes vegetables taste better!

For example, cheese may be added to many vegetarian meals. Also, vegetable dishes could be cooked in oil.

At restaurants, it doesn’t matter which ‘ethnic’ dish you order. No matter what ‘nationality’ the food is, there will likely be way too much salt, sugar and oil! In other words, they add it to Italian meals as well as Asian or any other. So, what can you do about it?

If I were going to go out to eat, (we don't do that much these days) I would search for a place that had a giant salad bar!

We used to go out to eat at Souplantation® and the Sizzler® because of their huge salad bars. I got tired of eating microwaved potatoes (at home.) I don’t think they taste nearly as good as when baked. I especially loved the baked potatoes at Souplantation.

Unfortunately, there were too many of the ‘wrong choices’ that tempted us. Therefore, it’s better not to be around ‘food temptations’ or you will likely eat what you know you shouldn’t.

We stopped going out to eat because we didn’t feel as good and gained weight. I finally figured out how to cook my own baked potato just like at the restaurants!

Me and my wife just can’t resist the ‘bad foods’ like deep fried potatoes, tacos, spaghetti, potato salad, soup, ice cream, pudding, and cookies, etc. most salad bars have. That’s why I ‘never ever’ go to the store hungry. I eat before I go, so I don’t buy what I know not to.

Eating ‘wrong food’ can easily draw you back into your old ways of eating! If you are serious about losing weight, getting healthier and living longer, you want to avoid all the ‘food triggers’.

There are so many added ingredients and preservatives, etc. in prepared foods that for the average person (like me) reading labels won’t help. There’s just too much that can trick us.

For example, there is MSG as an added (toxic) ingredient they can legally call by different names. Imagine that! It’s deceptive. We don’t want to be tricked!

So, the best way I know of to avoid processed and refined foods full of excess salt, sugar and oil, (and other hidden ingredients you probably don’t really want!) is to prepare plant based whole food at home.

When you cook all your food from scratch, you will always know what’s in it. Furthermore, when you get hungry between meals you can make healthy snacks.  

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.