Weight loss before and after: It’s the food!

You can easily see my weight loss before and after, above. They are not full pictures, but you get the idea. One is ‘roly-poly slovenly’ boy looking for his first heart attack and the other is the much better looking healthier more energetic slim classy gentleman I am today! These photos will be you as soon as you make a few simple changes in what foods you eat. Can you say ‘goodbye’ to bread?

You see there is an obvious weight loss of about fifty pounds. My blood pressure went way down and I feel a lot better and have more energy. I suspect I will also live a lot longer not getting cancer, diabetes and a host of other ailments, diseases or conditions. How bad would it be living the rest of your life overweight, in pain and sick! Bad!

I got stuck around one eighty five because I had the insatiable appetite for bread. I used to love bread, but it always made me tired, so I ate even more! I also loved crackers, pasta, anything that had refined grain in it. This is the stuff (along with sugar, because flour acts just like sugar) that makes you gain!

I slipped back to bad eating habits on the roller coaster ride. Once I stopped eating all of the bad stuff, I lost weight steadily at five pounds per month. But, it took about a year to lose approximately fifty pounds. I had to change my eating habits. You have to make sure you stay conscious and don’t go to sleep at the store buying that huge bag of junk food snacks!

I have wondered for decades why the weight went on but didn’t come off. I found the secret. It is in eating whole food. Plant based whole food. This is what our bodies were designed to eat. I am sorry, but it isn’t grain, especially bread. I know, we all love our bread, but learn to leave the grain eating in all its forms to the cows.

If you are not an avid label reader and you want to lose weight plus get healthier, it’s best to go whole food. You can be assured there isn’t anything added to an apple or green tossed salad you prepare yourself. Although, I do order very little take out in the form of rice bowls and some sandwiches, I primarily eat steamed vegetables, rice, potatoes, fruit and beans I prepare myself.