Weight Loss Calculator

You don’t need a weight loss calculator as long as you eat right. You can eventually toss it out the window! What you eat is whole food. This is fruits and vegetables (unprocessed and mostly uncooked without added sugar, salt or fat.) I lost forty pounds, got healthier in general and my blood pressure lowered dramatically. Can’t beat that for an old man!

Funny, how doctors don’t prescribe a vegetarian diet. The standard American diet is the one we are accustomed to. But, it puts people in the hospital and keeps the medical establishment in business. Making people healthy is not profitable. Your doctor only makes money if you keep seeing him. It’s not in his long-term financial interest to make you healthy and keep you that way.

You don’t really want to see your doctor often, do you? I doubt it. I’m sure you don’t want a really close relationship with him or her. Because when you do, the news probably is not good. If you stop eating that which is making you ill, your body will heal itself naturally. What I am talking about is a whole food plant-based diet and ceasing to eat the way you probably currently do.

Don’t fall for eating what’s bad for you in moderation. It’s like hitting yourself with a smaller hammer. You are still hurting yourself. Real food grows out of the ground. This is what we are meant to eat. Plant foods are naturally low in calories, so you have to be careful you are going to get enough of them. Because, if you aren’t doing so, your body will crave oily, salty and sugary food. It seeks out calories in all the wrong food choices.

Just eating the amounts of fruits and vegetables the USDA recommends could save your life. The Okinawan people who don’t eat like us Westerners and consume their traditional diets are some of the healthiest people on earth. What they eat is composed of approximately 96% Plant and 90% Whole Food.

Losing weight vegetarian is fun. My food tastes great. I eat simple. I will show you how. Forget the weight loss calculator! You can eat all the whole foods you want on a plant based diet. Visit USDA My Plate to figure out how many calories per day you need.