Weight loss for seniors: How you can get healthier and live longer


Who said an ‘old dog’ can’t learn new tricks? Not true! This sixty-six year old ‘hound dog’ did it! I searched decades for answers to health, weight loss and longevity.

Recently, within the last few years (through my own research) the pieces of the weight loss and health puzzle began fitting together. I discovered late in life there was safe weight loss for seniors through diet and exercise.

Furthermore, there are extra benefits associated with a change of diet and weight loss. They call it better health, more energy, feeling better and hopefully living a much longer life.

As you get older, time on this earth becomes much more precious and valuable. You see people younger than you suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dying of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Pain and suffering are the greatest ‘motivators’ to change our ways.

Longevity and health becomes an ongoing issue. At least, it is for me. This is why I created this website: to help others lose weight and become healthier in the process no matter what age they are.

We can change our poor eating habits at any point in life. We all have heard over and over that eating fruits and vegetables are healthy to eat. But, until we’ve changed our diets and have seen the results thereof, it isn’t our experience.

And, if it isn’t our experience, we will never understand how important what we eat is to our continued health. Therefore, we need to give some ‘benefit of the doubt’ to that maybe our old eating habits caused our weight gain, doctor visits and ill health.

Most people don’t change. Yet, you see hospitals full of those who stick to eating the ‘American’ way. This diet contains way too much animal protein, salt, refined grains, processed foods and fat (animal and refined oil) content. I believe the way America eats is responsible for most of our sicknesses.

It has been ‘scientifically proven’ eating plant based whole foods can help you lose weight, become healthier and live longer. Yet, despite the abundantly available proof, why do so many persist in eating unhealthy foods?

I have researched the lifestyles of those who live to one hundred and beyond. These people tend to have a positive attitude, are outgoing and friendly having developed their own philosophy of life. They usually don’t drink or smoke eating simple wholesome food. You will also notice these ‘centenarians’ are physically active, mentally sharp and never obese.

Maybe, you have eaten very little ‘fresh fruits or salads’ for many years. If you are still alive, it’s not too late to change! You might be surprised how tasty whole food is once you decide to give it a try.

Note- be sure to consult your doctor before you change your diet.