Weight Loss Meal Plans: Easy meals that make you gain health

There are unlimited weight loss meal plans you can choose from. But, they will cost you plenty. Why not eat foods that cost you no more than your current grocery bill? That’s exactly what I do, and the weight stays off. I eat all I want, keep my weight down and feel better than I did in High School. That’s a pretty good bargain if you ask me.

Believe me, I am living proof what I eat works. See, here. It’s not a very good photo, but I went from about 205 lbs. down to 158 lbs. My blood pressure went way down, too. I hit a few snags along the way, because I was tempted to eat what I knew I shouldn’t.

Best practice is clear the cupboards out so you won’t have that cookie or cracker temptation lying in wait. They are addicting and also cause cavities just like sugar!

Funny, how we never forget we have a certain bad snack or junk food when we get the craving late at night! If the unhealthy stuff isn’t in the house, you probably won’t go out and get it at the store in the evening.

OK, so what do you eat to lose weight? What are the weight loss meal plans? It’s a diet of whole food. Plant based whole food. But, there are certain things you won’t eat anymore. It’s not easy to break old habits from a lifetime of the standard American diet.

Cravings come back and haunt you. It happens to me all the time. I do feel like eating a hamburger, fries and pizza once in a while. I just don’t go out and get it anymore.

Going out to eat is difficult, too. What makes food taste good at the restaurant is added salt, sugar and fat. That’s also what we end up doing when we buy processed foods like TV dinners, etc.

In other words, all the unhealthy weight gainer ingredients are added in the package already. And, it doesn’t matter which nationality the food is, either. Italian fat, oil and sugar is the same as Thai. We need to find healthier alternative or substitute recipes we can cook at home from scratch.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.