Weight Loss Programs

There are so many weight loss programs, but you wouldn’t know which one to pick! I tried one that nearly killed me. It put me in the hospital with a ruptured appendix! I believe most diets cause more damage than do good. You gain all the weight back on most of them!

The secret to weight loss is the lifestyle you live. You lose weight steady, over time. I don’t call how I eat a diet more than it has become part of my lifestyle. It’s the only way that any healthier diet can ever work. Fad diets never work, only a healthier lifestyle does.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. I mean, losing weight and staying healthy, even regaining your health requires you to adhere to a few basic principles. It’s easy. You don’t eat empty calories and you eat real food.

It’s called a whole food plant based diet. The plant based diet is filled with micronutrients. You don’t need to worry about the macronutrients. That’s what many diets focus on. Forget them. They juggle the carbs, proteins and fats around. Fruits and vegetables have everything you need. All the carbs, protein and fats are in fruits and vegetables in the proper proportions.

  • Don’t eat any animal products
  • Don’t eat anything in a bag, box or can (processed food)
  • Don’t cook with oil
  • Don’t use oil on anything
  • Avoid sugar and salt, but use sparingly for flavor
  • Use spices sparingly
  • Limit nuts and seeds
  • Focus on brown rice and potatoes as your primary grains
  • Eat beans
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Buy organic, if they have it at your store

I think I got it all. You don’t need to pay for a diet plan or strategy, only buy the food at the store and cook it yourself so you know what’s in it. Again, you don’t need a weight loss program.

It’s a wise idea to consult your doctor before you undertake any change in diet or attempt to lose weight

The way I ate worked for me. I lost forty pounds within a year and lowered my blood pressure. I had to fine tune how I ate, because I got stuck at around 180 lbs. and stopped losing weight. It was the processed carbs in the form of bread, corn tortillas and chips that was the culprit.

I needed more calories; the ones in fruit, not the empty calories in snacks. I was always hungry for carbs and/or fatty food. So, I upped the fruit intake to take care of the extra calories (in the form of simple carbohydrates) I needed while I ate two large green salads a day to make up for the nutrients lacking in fruits.