Weight Loss Tips

What I am sharing with you is much more than weight loss tips. It’s a lifestyle which can virtually save your life. Changing the way you eat can better your health, trim you down and lengthen your life. First, Go to CDC and calculate your BMI. Maybe, you don’t even need to lose weight at all. This will tell you if you do, or not.

But, weight loss isn’t something that is necessarily going to make you healthy, although it likely will help. Health also resides within what you eat. For example, a vegetarian diet has been proven to be healthier than the Standard American Diet most of us eat. But, only if your fruits and vegetables are not processed and prepared without an overabundance of sugar, salt and fat.

Find out if you are Overweight, First

And, while you are at it, sign up with the ‘USDA My Plate Supertracker.’ This is where you create a profile on yourself by questions they ask you. Once there, you will figure out things like your daily physical activity and daily calorie limit. Check it out, it’s very useful. I signed up when I got serious about losing weight.

For example, my daily calorie level for my height and weight, because of my physical activity level, was 2000 calories a day. This was necessary in order to eventually get down to my weight goal of 162.5 lbs. Now, the reason you should find out how many calories a day you need is not just to make sure you don’t go over.

It will be a good rule of thumb to go by so you make sure you get enough of them. Because, if you don’t, you will be hungry and probably crave the wrong sweets, processed carbs and fatty snack junk food. Fruits and vegetables don’t have a huge amount of calories like the Standard American Diet does, as it has added sugar, salt and fat.

I Don’t eat the USDA recommended Balanced Diet

There is a marked difference between how I eat and what the USDA recommends. I don’t eat their so called balanced diet. I don’t eat a lot of things. I try to not eat what’s not good for me. I try to not eat empty calorie foods. I eat a very low fat diet. My diet is simple. It’s composed of Brown Rice, Potatoes, Beans, Fruits, Vegetables and a few Seeds and Nuts thrown in.

Now, Rice, Potatoes and Beans aren’t packed with micronutrients, (they are lower in them than fruits and vegetables) but they have fiber and fill you up. They do have starch to keep your energy level up. Carbohydrates are one of the Macronutrients like Protein and Fats. And, the beans have a good deal of protein. But, Rice, Beans and Potatoes are harder for the body to process than the simple carbs in fruits.

Many healthy cultures eat Potatoes, Beans and Rice as staples, but they are basically subsistence foods. They keep you alive, that’s it. You need the more abundant micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables for the best health and longevity possible. Yet, you can’t live on fruits alone, because you would be lacking vital nutrients vegetables have.

Are You Being Naughty on your Diet?

Just know, that if you are naughty and sneaking the candy bars, soda pop and greasy snacks, you aren’t getting enough of the right calories in real whole plant based food. These are the empty calories you want to avoid. You need the healthy ones in whole fruits and vegetables.

And, if you happen to be craving salt, you probably are craving minerals and need to eat more vegetables. This is my theory anyway from my own experience. Make sure you eat at least two large green salads each day. Eat all the fruit you want. Don’t worry, your blood sugar won’t freak out. Fruit has fiber to limit how fast sugar gets into your blood stream.

But, If you keep having trouble losing weight in the beginning, like I did, you are probably eating too much of things like bread, chips, tortillas and other processed carbs. They are potential weight gainers because ground up powdery grain like flour has a larger surface area than the whole grain does. You are craving them, because you crave more calories. You need to get your calories from fruit. You need to up the fruit and vegetables to solve your weight gain problem.

Therefore, be sure to reduce or eliminate the above processed carbs in order to get unstuck and start losing weight, once again. Some wonder why they are not losing weight and never quite figure out why. This is probably one of the best weight loss tips (secrets) I can share with you that you likely wouldn’t figure out on your own.