Weight Loss

Weight loss is usually not the easiest thing to do. We always get tempted to eat the wrong things. But, some foods are addicting like wheat and hard to stop eating. Did you know wheat was as addictive as Opium! It attaches itself to our brain’s receptors just like that drug does.

I think most of us love to eat and don’t want to be told what we can eat and can’t. We are touchy about our food. I have a few tips that could help you stick with a home cooked vegetarian diet that’s healthy instead of eating at fast food restaurants and the burger pick up drive through windows.

Yes, there are vegetarian diets that are not. But, if you prepare all your food yourself, you know what’s in it, and you will have the healthiest meals possible. But, diets, in themselves, never work, at least not for long. But, being vegetarian is a lifestyle, not primarily a diet.

You might not think eating candy, drinking soda pop, and having a big turkey dinner on the holidays can’t hurt you. But, the question to ask yourself is how it makes you feel afterwards? Being a healthy vegetarian doesn’t just mean not eating any animal products, such as meat.

It means cut out those foods which harm you like sugar, salt and fat. Have you noticed that when you eat something sugary, you might want something salty? One seems to lead to another when you are craving processed snack foods. And, believe it or not, they pay people to make sure you keep addicted to it and eat more of it. That’s how they make money. Selling more of it.

Some of us have a fat tooth, which means we crave fatty foods. If you do, you probably aren’t getting enough calories and need to eat more fruit, potatoes, brown rice, and beans. This is what I do. But, it doesn’t mean you don’t get the old cravings, especially if you have someone living with you that doesn’t believe in how you eat.

I guess, if you are married to them, you could divorce them. But, this is not likely. I am just joking. You simply have to develop a little willpower and decide what they are eating is not your food. It’s goanna be hard that way, but you can do it.

If you start eating the wrong way again, you have to pull yourself back up and try again, that’s all you can do. Keep trying until you get it right. Live by example. In time, you may see them slowly changing their ways and coming over to the vegetarian way of eating. You will not only be saving your life, but also a loved one’s.