What are vegetarian health benefits? You’d be surprised how many…

The reason people usually become vegetarians is because of potential health benefits. Vegetarian health benefits usually include weight loss, lower blood pressure and decreased risk of heart attack and stroke.

You may also decide to adopt a plant-based diet because you don’t want to harm animals or consume hormones and antibiotics, for religious convictions and to help the environment by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions Cattle create.

There is more to the attainment of superior health than not eating meat. You must limit the salt, sugar and fat content in your diet. You can reap maximum health benefits by adopting a diet rich in plant-based whole food avoiding processed and refined food (which comes in boxes, bags and cans. These often have harmful preservatives and additives you can’t even pronounce.)

Soft drinks, Chips, Crackers, Cookies, Pizza and Candy (just to mention a few) all qualify as ‘Vegetarian’. Yet, everyone knows a diet low in fat and sugar is healthier. Best practice is to abstain from eating these empty calorie foods or snacks like the ones mentioned above offer little to no nutritional value. It’s best to abstain from eating these once you find healthy substitutes and can muster up the willpower needed as they are all very addictive. If you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense eating something that has no nutrition…

Healthiest Societies

Some societies are healthier than others. And, their populace as a whole live longer relatively free of chronic disease. We can mimic them living and eating like they do. The healthiest diets are based upon plant-based whole food. Western Civilization worships youth while societies like Japan celebrate the process of growing old cherishing their senior citizens. Japanese men and women live longer than Americans.

Everyone knows meat has bad cholesterol. Furthermore, we know smoking and heavy drinking diminishes good health. We also know exercising is healthier than not exercising at all…

Vegetarian Health Benefits

Why not receive vegetarian health benefits today? If you prepare your own food, you know what’s in it. Plant based whole food has complete nutrition. You don’t need to add anything to it, drink green juice or take any vitamins. You get all the nutrition you need from fruits and vegetables including soluble fiber (which can help lower Glucose levels in the blood) and insoluble fiber (can help prevent constipation.)

Drink pure water, get out of the house and in the sun (Vitamin D) everyday and breathe fresh air…

To conclude, there’s much evidence a plant-based diet reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and type 2 Diabetes. So, if you have to eat meat in all of its forms, make it a condiment to whatever you eat with it. Use it sparingly like the Asians do in their food as flavor. Better yet, wean yourself off it so you can become heart attack and stroke proof!

Vegetables like Broccoli and Kale can strengthen bones because they are both rich in Calcium. No, Dairy is not the best source like we’ve often been lead to believe. Dairy has way too much unhealthy animal fat. Look instead to vegetables for your calcium like Leafy Greens (salads) and Beans. Yes, beans. I eat them every day.

Lastly, get into the sun for your Vitamin D which plays an essential role for bone health. We were not meant to be cave dwellers and work inside buildings and offices all day, every day. Decide to experience the many health giving benefits of a vegetarian diet, today [1 ncbi.nlm.nih.gov].


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Note- check with your doctor before you change your diet.