What Do We Eat For More Strength And Stamina? Or, Is It Rather What Not To Eat…

I am not as strong as I used to be. I think it is because I am older. Although, I feel pretty good for my age, I am wondering why I feel weaker than I used to a year ago. I don’t eat perfectly, but I do very well.

I feel I at least eat 80-90% plant based whole food, and if one can do this he will reap many benefits like keeping trim, retaining his health in general and live longer than he would on the typical American diet.

While most of us on the ‘average’ diet eat too much protein in the form of meat, I think my problem is in not eating enough protein. In opposition to common beliefs about protein, meat is not a requirement for our bodies. Actually, it is harmful. We can get all the protein we need from plant based food like lentils and beans.

‘Of course there are no guarantees in life, but if one mimics eating like those who are trim, healthy and live longest, chances are in his favor he will join their ranks…’

I find myself not eating enough of these two ‘legumes’. I usually add a half to full cup of beans to my breakfast potatoes. I eat two to three chopped up potatoes fried (no oil) in a non-stick pan. This is very filling and nutritious. I don’t always add onions, mushrooms and green peppers to it, but nutritionally that is better.

I did stop eating and drinking a few things, which did make me feel much better. For example, I stopped coffee yet still do drink Japanese green tea daily. I have learned that if one does not have a healthy gut, he is in for health problems like inflammation of his joints and tissues.

So, we must educate ourselves as to which foods we can eat and not to avoid future ailments, conditions and disease. This takes time so be patient. And of course you will fall off the healthy food wagon like I do and your stomach will fool you into eating your favorite snack and junk food. We then say hello to the return of mysterious aches and pains…

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.