What is a Healthy Diet?

What is a healthy diet? You will hear differing opinions. Many proclaim you need meat and dairy, while others will swear on their life olive oil is good for you. Is whole wheat good for you, too? We hear much bad about gluten. There are a multitude of questions with just as many answers of which could be very misleading.

I think this creates much confusion, as there is no single source of wisdom about what is a healthy diet? Who do you turn to? Your doctor might know or more accurately might not. Doctors aren’t trained in cutting edge nutrition. They are trained in cutting us open.

Many of the so called health experts recommend a balanced diet. But, what is balanced? What does that mean? Some things we eat, even in relatively small amounts can be harmful to our health over time.

I watched many YouTube videos about health and diet by many astute licensed doctors. Yet, there is still a lot of misinformation, even by those physicians themselves. So, who do you trust? Who do you believe? Where do you find out what the ultimate diet for health is?

Your health, longevity and life are at stake here. Number one, you should trust yourself through doing your own research. Logically evaluate what you discover. Trust how you think. And, believe in how your body feels after you eat something. It always is accurate in what it is trying to tell you.

Did you know that doctors who misdiagnosed are a big cause of death in hospitals? Malpractice lawsuits are running rampant. What do you do about this? Try staying healthy. I think it’s our only alternative. Prevent illness to begin with. We don’t need to develop a deep personal relationship with our physician.

Furthermore, it has been proven meat has harmful cholesterol, hormones and other bad things. Bad cholesterol is still in grass fed beef. Foods taste good, so we eat it. Is this our only criteria we use to judge what foods we eat? Usually, it is. We were brought up to eat that way. It just depends upon your culture. Nothing like a barbecued steak? What feels good, we often do.

But, how we eat doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You might be thinking that everything is bad for you, so what do you eat? And, because everything’s bad, you have to eat something, so you might as well stay eating those things you have been eating. This is the roller coaster ride many are on. We need a way off it.

Take the holiday season, for example. Who’s going to say Thanksgiving dinner is not healthy, so we shouldn’t eat that way anymore? No one I know stops. Grandma wouldn’t be too happy about that, would she? What you can do though, is eat less of it. Be mindful of how much you eat of the unhealthy stuff. It’s a start. There is good news though. There is a healthy diet.

Note- contact your doctor before you change your diet.