What is a Vegetarian?

What is a Vegetarian? I seem to hear so many conflicting things about what one is and isn’t! In the sixties and seventies I didn’t have a clue except I knew they probably didn’t eat meat. But, that’s about all I knew. So, I mistakenly thought they were war protesters, hippies or some kind of bohemian people who lit incense and smoked pot in a cult. I took vitamin pills back then and didn’t have a clue they were poisonous to my body (yes, vitamins in the form of pills are not good for you.)

I didn’t really have a clue about what a vegetarian was, and it didn’t seem like it was very tasty to eat vegetables without meat. And, all the processed health foods that were made with soy protein tasted terrible back then!

What is a vegetarian and what does he/she do? Answer: Eat Fruits and Vegetables, cooked or raw. Don’t use animal products. But, there are many things that are considered Vegetarian, but are not healthy, like drinking Soda Pop, eating Potato Chips, French Fries, and using Oils to cook with or drizzle over your salad. In other words, all vegetarian diets are not healthy. It’s what’s in and on your food that makes it healthy or not…

I, like everyone else was brainwashed into thinking ‘every body needs milk’ like the commercials on TV at the time said. Well, they got sued because it was found nobody’s body needed cow’s milk. Why would humans need it when it was made for baby cows? Should the slogan be changed to ‘every body needs its own mother’s milk?’

You also don’t need meat, because fruits and vegetables provide all the protein you need. Matter of fact, protein levels in excess of the amounts found in fruits and vegetables can increase your chance of getting Cancer.

You can’t eat too much fruits and vegetables because of the fiber. You won’t get too much protein on a vegetarian When you stop eating the bad food, your taste buds will change. You won’t miss meat.