When I Stopped Eating Rice For ‘2’ Days My Aches And Pains Disappeared

If you’ve read enough of my posts, you know I give questionable foods repeated testing. I’m my own ‘test rat’. I give the benefit of the doubt often because I don’t want to give up an entire food group.

Through this ‘learning process’ I’ve discovered many things which limited my diet. You’d think eating any ‘plant based whole food’ was OK. But, assuming that wouldn’t be accurate.

‘Who would knowingly eat something that had the poison arsenic in it? You and I have. It’s called rice’

If I don’t eat enough ‘carbs’ I am hungry. And, the longest lasting carbohydrates are called ‘resistant starch’. These ‘stick to your ribs’. Beans, rice and potatoes ‘fit the bill’.

‘Rice is very efficient at absorbing arsenic from the ground’

I couldn’t figure out why I was in pain all over. Yet, this ‘voice’ inside told me to stop eating rice. All rice has arsenic. White rice and refined carbs have something called AGE. Here’s how I understand it…

  1. White rice and white potatoes are high glycemic index foods (I still eat potatoes)
  2. Eating foods such as these can help exacerbate (AGE) or advanced glycation end products which stimulate inflammation
  3. This includes eating russets, white rice, chips, crackers, bread, tortillas and other refined flour products

I was eating lots of rice. Big bowl(s) full. I also suffered much joint and muscle pain. My bones even creaked! My daily workouts with weights suffered. I had no strength and no energy. Why? This was until I gave up eating rice. It stands to reason not to eat something that has poison in it? Am I right?

‘When one gives up rice there are potatoes, beans and lentils’

Before you give up entire food groups like rice, be sure you do it for all the right reasons. Do the research. Interesting, how there is no ‘federal limit’ for arsenic in most food. Yet, the standard for drinking water is 10 parts per billion (ppb).

‘It seems I was eating a lot more than the recommended 3 cup serving of rice a day’.

Wouldn’t one infer that this standard would also apply to ‘any’ food that had arsenic? Rice grown in parts of the US may have substantially more arsenic than Californian grown, Pakistani and Indian rice.

‘I stopped eating rice a couple of days ago and my muscle, joint and general pains disappeared…

Try eating ‘millet’ instead of rice. It has virtually no arsenic. But, unfortunately it does have its own kind of gluten. If you don’t eat wheat because of its gluten, you ‘may’ also have a problem eating millet or any other grain for that matter.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.