When Weight Loss No Longer Is The Issue, Why Continued Good Health And Longevity Becomes The Only One..

By | July 19, 2022

Although, I was quite strong, when I weighed over 200 I never felt good and didn’t have any energy. This wasn’t that long ago. Now, I never worry about gaining all the weight back. Why?

It’s how I eat. It’s like an automatic weight stabilizer. Plant based whole food contains essential fiber, which is a needed nutrient for the body. Vitamins and minerals fruits don’t have vegetables take up the slack and provide.

‘It’s an exchange. When one loses weight he gains health. But, one wants to keep that going and learn the secret to living longest…’

I always eat as much as I want. No portion control whatsoever unless it’s seeds, nuts and avocados. Then, I do limit them. But, overall, I never have to starve myself like on your typical skimpy diet plan.

‘The high frequencies of “unhealthy weight-control behavior”, including eating disorders and over-exercise, has led to an increase in the prevalence of underweight females and could be harmful to the overall health of young women [45]’.

I can’t sustain myself only by eating salads, fruit and other vegetables. I have to eat rice, which is a grain, potatoes which are tubers and beans and lentils which are legumes. These provide long lasting energy because they are all called ‘resistant starch‘.

I still need willpower, because your stomach plays ‘tricks’ on your mind. Somehow, one forgets about what’s bad to eat and finds himself buying and eating it and saying to himself afterward, ‘What was I thinking’?

‘I make a hardy vegetable soup I eat almost every day. I make enough to last all week. It has carrots, celery, power greens, stewed tomatoes, onions, garbanzo beans, rice, lentils, broth and spices’

Best strategy is to not shop hungry and don’t have things around the house you shouldn’t be eating. For example, I used to love eating cereal. But, I don’t anymore because of gluten. I used to drink coffee, but also had to add half and half and sugar to stand drinking it. It made me feel anxiety, while Japanese green tea gives me a ‘quieter, more peaceful energy’.

Olive oil or EVOO makes it harder for me to breathe with pain in my chest and back and coconut milk has saturated fat, just to name a few things I don’t consume anymore. I learned to listen to my body while I also do the research into what’s healthy to eat and not.

In conclusion, beware buying what they say is ‘healthful’, for even certain doctors sell supplements where research proves questionable benefits and potentially damaging effects to ones health. For example, vitamin and mineral pills, including extra virgin olive oil just to name a few supposed health improving or enhancing products.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.