Where is the best fast food take out window?

If you are going to pick up from a drive through window, what is the ‘best fast food’ sandwich you can eat? I would say the best choice is the healthiest, which are those sandwiches or meals containing the most vegetables with no oils or fats like mayonnaise.

Probably, eating a ‘vegetarian sandwich’ would be OK, except for the bread. And, if you must have meat on it, I would guess turkey would be one of the lowest in fat. I doubt there is any way a hamburger can be made healthy except by making it ‘meatless’.

If you must have your cheese, the whiter cheeses like ‘provolone or Monterey jack’ would be the better choice over the more ‘yellow’ which usually contain more of the bad cholesterol fat. But, bear in mind that fat is fat. Therefore, I would avoid the unsaturated vegetable oils as well as any saturated animal fats.

There is one famous ‘submarine sandwich’ place owned by doctors to order your grinders or hoagies from. But, when you start adding the fatty meats like salami and beef, vinegar and oil, cheeses and mayonnaise, you are not making the ‘healthiest’ sandwich.

Most establishments will let you choose what goes on your sandwich while you watch. This way, you know what's in it.

As for restaurants, most usually have a decent salad bar. If you have to have a fatty dressing on your salad, ladle it in a separate bowl and dip your fork into it as you eat. You will consume less oily dressing this way (instead of pouring it all over your salad like gravy!)

Furthermore, if you have become a ‘health conscious individual’, you will keep an eye on all the add-ons they have. For example, they may have ice cream, fried chicken and spaghetti, etc.

Can we avoid all those tasty temptations? I can’t, that’s why I don’t eat out anymore. What tastes good isn’t necessarily good for us.

No matter where you are eating your meals, it’s a very wise idea knowing what’s in the food you eat. No one is going to look out for us, except us.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight and get healthier, we must begin reducing our caloric intake by preparing and cooking our own plant based whole food at home.

To conclude, if you are trying to lose weight and get healthier, avoid eating high fat, sugar and salty things. Additionally, clear out all refined and processed foods from your cupboards and refrigerator.

Note- before you change your diet contact your doctor.