Where is the healthiest fast food? The truth is tasty

What is the ‘healthiest fast food’ you can eat? I would say it’s a particular sandwich. You might call it a grinder or hoagie. But, what you put on it and don’t makes or breaks the ‘healthiness’ of eating it!

It is the only ‘fast food establishment’ owned by doctors. I used to eat there, but don’t anymore. Unknowingly, in the beginning I was drawn to it. This was before I knew the health facts about what to eat and not.

When ordering, you can have them make a ‘healthier sandwich’ for you, but on the other hand, you can be eating a very unhealthy sandwich if you aren’t careful with all the extra toppings.

At restaurants, you can usually piece together a ‘healthy’ salad. Most establishments have a decent salad bar. But, there can be a problem with the salad dressing being too oily and other food choices included with the salad bar like potato salad made with mayonnaise, pizza with meat toppings, fried chicken, various sugary and fatty deserts and other ‘tasty’ salty, sugary and fat filled food.

Honestly, if I wasn’t affected health or weight wise by eating decades of processed and refined food, I probably wouldn’t have stopped eating it. Pain is a great motivator in changing ones ways. Nevertheless, the lure for it is always there to eat the wrong food. It never goes away. Unhealthy food unfortunately, tastes good!

Let’s face it, fast food is a permanent part of the American culture. But, once you learn ‘how and what’ to eat and what the ‘bad unhealthy’ food does to you, you then ‘know better’ and have no excuses. Is it not better to educate ourselves preventing health problems rather than more and more doctor visits and hospital stays?

On a whole food plant based diet, we begin losing weight, start feeling better, have more energy and likely will live a lot longer without medications, drugs and the family doctor ‘cutting us open’.

Note- before changing your diet, contact your doctor.