Whole Foods

What are whole foods? Eating them can help you lose weight. What are they? I can tell you that it’s real food that has not been processed. It is an apple, not things like bread and cereal that uses flour and milled grain.

It is food which hasn’t been refined, or if it has been, it is as little as possible. In my own mind, whole food is also free from additives and other artificial substances like food coloring, etc.

I eat whole food. At least, I try to. Now, I want to say right here and now, I am as human as the other guy and I succumb to temptation. And, if I do deviate, my body will soon feel the effects.

It’s like sinning (whatever you believe sinning actually is when you fall from grace. I am talking about falling off the diet wagon! But, you have to get back on ASAP, if you do!) And, you soon will pay the price in how your body feels in one form or another.

When I talk about a whole food plant based diet, I mean eating things like fruits and vegetables. I eat a very simple diet (unless of course, I am tempted to eat what those naysayers around me eat who don’t agree with my vegetarian whole food plant based diet who are eating all those processed foods and snacks that make you gain weight, feel lousy and get sick. But, who doesn’t love Chocolate? Some things will be a constant struggle. That’s just how life is.)

What I Eat

I primarily eat fruits and vegetables. In the morning I eat a bowl of fruit comprised primarily of Cantaloupe,  Blackberries, Pineapple, Strawberries and Mangoes (when Mangoes are in season) and substitute others when not organic.

For lunch I usually eat beans and rice and a big green salad. For dinner I eat a baked potato and large green salad. Throughout the day I eat fruit. There are melons you don’t need to buy organic, like Cantaloupe, but not Strawberries! Strawberries are notorious for being sprayed with pesticides.

Throughout this website I suggest what to eat and not. Processed food includes any oil, like Olive Oil. Oil is not good for you, no matter what form it takes. Therefore, don’t use it cooking or drizzled over your salad. Believe me, you can live without oil, but if you use a lot of it, you can also die from it. We don’t want Strokes or Heart Attacks, right?

Some things not to Eat or Limit

I also suggest you do not eat any grains; except Brown Rice, Potatoes (yes, the potato is a grain) and Beans, which are Legumes. Get these organic. And, stay away from Wheat (Gluten) and every other grain (they have their form of Gluten. It is a protein.) Let the Cows and Pigs eat grains.

Read labels and watch for High Fructose Corn Syrup! It’s dirt cheap and they put it in everything! This means no soda and candy, etc. Fructose makes for a Fatty Liver. Protect your Heart and Cardiovascular system, avoid Fructose like the plague!

Furthermore, avoid all Dairy. No meat. Severely limit eating seeds and nuts, as they have Lectins. Lastly, don’t eat processed food snacks. They are loaded with lots of salt, sugar and oil. Tasty, yes, but no good. Not everything that tastes good is good for you. But, you knew that.

If you find the willpower and good sense to stick with a whole foods plant based diet, your taste buds will change how and what you like to eat. Again, you will lose weight, feel better and likely live a lot longer. What’s left to eat? A lot more than you probably think. But, like me, you can do it, too.