Why am I not Losing Weight? What food to avoid…

By | September 8, 2022

Why am I not losing weight? You could be craving calories. If you are overweight, you are used to more calories than you need. You could be eating too many refined or processed foods with low nutrition and empty calories. This is your body’s way of seeking more nutrition. Hunger. Spikes in blood sugar from refined sugar and carbs like grain products and any grain flour.

This is how I got stuck at 185 lbs. When I got rid of all the corn tortillas, bread, cold cereals, chips, snack crackers, snacks and junk food, I started losing weight again. It was amazing to me when I realized how big a part of my diet grain was! It is a huge part of nearly everyone’s diet along with way too much sugar which usually is fructose (bad for health and weight loss!)

Wheat products are addicting and it’s hard to quit eating them. It seems wheat or other refined grains or flour is added to nearly everything! It’s essential to know what’s in your food by reading labels. It’s a worthy habit to get into.

On the other hand, when you eat vegetarian whole foods you have to be careful you are getting enough calories or you might crave calorie rich foods with a lot of sugar, oil or fat and salt.

I know I did. I had cravings for grain out of addiction and old habits all the time. I learned to get calories from fruit between meals. I gave up processed carbs in bread, tortillas, and chips. This solved the roller coaster ride of blood sugar highs and lows.

I began to lose more weight gradually. I lost five pounds a month. You may lose more or less. This is not a lose weight fast program. It is free. I don’t charge anything. I just share my secret how I lost forty pounds and got healthier in the process.

Remember, you don’t see many overweight senior citizens who are healthy. And, just because you are thin doesn’t necessarily make you healthy, either

So, if you are having trouble losing weight on a vegetarian diet, you might still be eating too many processed and refined foods. Remember, that a soft drink and chips qualifies as a vegetarian snack that’s not healthy.

  • Reduce or eliminate processed grain products like bread, pizza, corn and flour tortillas, cold cereal, chips and all pasta
  • Substitute baked potatoes, brown rice, and beans
  • Eat more fruits
  • Make sure you eat two large green salads daily and steamed vegetables like broccoli
  • Don’t go to the store hungry because you will buy what you aren’t supposed to!
  • Don’t have stuff you know you shouldn’t eat in your cupboards like candy, doughnuts, pastry, cakes, ice cream, etc.
  • Try to give up meat, dairy and eggs; too much bad cholesterol and fat which is bad for your cardiovascular system and heart