Why Do Some People Stay Trim, Healthy And Live Long Eating Bad Food And Drink?

Many ‘scoff’ at the idea diet has anything to do with health. In my opinion, it’s no laughing matter. What we do now will affect our future health by how we eat. There are many foods we were told were healthy that have been proven not. For example, meat and dairy.

Genetics do play their role in health and longevity. You might want to read this about people who live long, here. You have heard of a ‘holistic lifestyle‘? It’s more than eating healthy food. What is living a ‘happy life’?

‘The oldest healthiest living people have their own philosophy of life’

Everyone is different and happiness is defined individually. What makes me happy would not make you happy and vice versa. What are the ingredients to ‘lasting’ health and happiness? I know meditating helps me have a more peaceful and serene outlook on life. You might want to learn how to do it especially in these stressful times.

‘Learning how to meditate is not complicated and it’s free’

Certain foods cause inflammation. For me, it’s when my gut is compromised by particular food and drink. For example, I stopped drinking coffee when I determined the ‘oils’ in it were killing beneficial bacteria. When I gave coffee up, my gut quickly healed itself. I only drink Japanese green tea everyday.

‘Why Do Some People Stay Trim, Healthy And Live Long Eating Bad Food And Drink? It’s their lifestyle‘

So, I have noticed centenarians ‘cheat’ on their diets. Some have shots of whiskey, eat chocolate, meat and drink coffee (to name a few.) Therefore, I don’t think eating bad food and drinking bad drinks bring great harm as long as it’s done in ‘moderation’.

Seventh day Adventists are some of the longest living people’

I believe that eating plant based whole food 80-90% of the time is essential to weight loss, better health and longer life. In other words, one does not need to become a ‘perfectionist’ in all his ways. See how I eat, here.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.