Why is Coffee bad for you: How do I overcome addiction to caffeine?

Why is coffee bad for you? It tastes so good the way those designer coffee houses make it! How can something that tastes great, be so bad? Olive oil tastes good drizzled over a salad too, but it is not heart healthy like they say it is.

My wife’s favorite coffee (she no longer drinks) at the fancy coffee house had 1800 calories in it. Unbelievable! Coffee always seemed to keep me away from eating what I should. It must have done something to my blood sugar. But, when I did get hungry, I was so hungry I craved the bad carbs; namely refined grains like cookies and crackers, etc.

That designer coffee also was very expensive, but at home you can make it for pennies! Ten dollars a day or more just for coffee!? You can buy enough coffee at the store at that price to last a month! Furthermore, coffee the way you like it can be a real weight gainer. It depends upon what you add. A bunch of sugar and a lot of cream can make it a high (empty) calorie drink causing you to gain unwanted weight.

I haven’t located any ‘scientific proof’ yet which authoritatively states coffee is good or bad for you. Yet, it appears coffee may and I emphasize ‘may’ have health benefits. Although, it may seem coffee is good for some of us, it’s not the universal drink of choice for everyone. You simply have to listen to your body by the way it feels. Same goes with tea, although it has substantially less caffeine.

Any drink with a lot of sugar and cream in it can’t be a healthy drink. Those designer coffees not only will cost an arm and a leg for just one, they are filled to the brim with calories. A question to ponder is why we need to be stimulated in the first place?

If we are healthy, why would we need a big jolt from coffee or tea every day? The caffeine in coffee is what is addictive and hard to quit because of withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, if we aren’t healthy, why would we want to force a tired and sick body into action when what it really needed was good food, rest (vacation?) and possibly a doctor’s care?

In any case, coffee is not medicine nor in my opinion, a health drink or tonic. Instead, why not get healthier through a proper diet by eating plant-based whole food? Why not live on your own fuel or natural energy?

If you desire quitting coffee, try green tea. I know it works because I used green tea to quit drinking coffee. It has a lot less caffeine and will help you along through the withdrawals. Green tea actually tastes pretty good without sugar and cream. It’s an acquired taste you get used to like drinking coffee.  Coffee continued

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.