Your healthy grocery list: What foods to buy

By | September 23, 2022

What exactly is a healthy grocery list? You will get a million and one different opinions about what you should eat and not wherever you look on the internet. This site is not a scientific study, but totally layman in nature. Yet, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of the information presented.

I explain to you in common everyday language what diet works for me. Yet, even though this site was written by myself, chances are the way I eat will work for you bringing similar healthful results, including weight loss. Why? Because both of us are basically the same physiologically.

You and I belong to the human race. We are also almost genetically the same as the great apes. And, guess what they eat and thrive on? They eat largely, fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, guess what happens to them when you feed them the standard American diet? They get sick and die. Sound familiar?

A few years ago, I lost nearly fifty pounds, my blood pressure went way down and I began feeling light-years better. Since then continuing on a whole food plant based diet, the weight has stayed off, my blood pressure is the same and I still feel great. Please forgive me for the pun, but I just can’t resist using it: I feel as strong as an Ape!

Believe me, that’s more than you can say about all those fad diets out there where you drink some stupid juice or flavored drink, use their pills, powders and purchase their expensive processed packaged foods delivered right to your door! Don’t waste your money, most fad diets absolutely fail! I share what I have learned as a public service. It’s free.

The concept of what food choices I eat, once you get it, is really basic. It’s not hard, but you can be fooled by the media and advertisers, so you have to pay attention. I have learned how to eat healthy through my own trial and error.

Sometimes, I slip, but I do get back on track. Don’t laugh just because my site isn’t written by PhD. Even though I have done my own research, all this information is my own experience. I am telling you what works for me. The secret to permanent weight loss, better health and longer life has a lot to do with what foods you choose to eat every single day.

The main notion you have to keep in mind is to ask yourself one question when you are shopping at your favorite grocery store. And, that question is; am I eating plant based whole food?

I won’t go into what not to eat right here, I have already written many blog pages about that subject already. I want to show you what to shop for in your grocery store. You can take a look at what not to buy or eat at How to eat healthy.

Healthy grocery list tells you

  • The best foods to eat
  • The worst foods to eat
  • The worst drinks
  • Which fruits and vegetables are the least sprayed with pesticides. You can save money because you don’t always have to buy produce organic
  • Food you will eat during the day

Note- Before you change your diet check with your doctor.